December 26, 2012

So this is Christmas

Hi peeps, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine already started on Saturday the 22th at my boyfriend's: he has a large family and stepfamily which made it quite difficult to get everyone together on Christmas Eve. So we just decided to celebrate two days earlier! As always, celebrations included loads of food, cute kids and funny presents. A great time was had by all ;)

My sister in law and her boyfriend - she also made the delicious dumplings on the first photo and these even more delicious mince pies:

On Christmas Eve I got together with my family on my mum's side: this year it was my aunt's turn to host the Christmas party. And she knows how to throw a fancy party:

Very flattering picture of me! I was too excited opening my presents. This is what I got (I've been spoiled again):

Chocolate fondue from my niece, Diesel Loverdose perfume from my aunt, Maybelline mascara (sneaky surprise from my mum)

fancy plates and bowls from my parents!

Is it obvious that I like to cook? :D My family was joking about how I'm already 'saving up' cooking and home stuff for when I'm having my own house. I also got appetizer glasses from my boyfriend's mum, I think they just want me to host next year's Christmas dinner :D
Normally on Christmas day we would visit my grandparents on my father's side, but I felt sick the entire day so I stayed in bed and slept through Christmas day :( Luckily I'm feeling much better today so I've been studying again from 8AM! Ugh I'm really looking forward to celebrating Christmas without having to study the day (and weeks...) afterwards!
How did you celebrate Christmas?

PS: No Christmas outfit photos this time: I was wearing the same outfit as here (but with different shoes!) and I was running late again so I didn't have time to take pictures! You can take a look at my previous outfit post though, I'm wearing a fluffy faux fur coat! ;)