December 5, 2012

Fur and leggings

Say hello to my new 50mm lens! I got it as an early Christmas present from my boyfriend (he's the best) and I couldn't be happier! Everyone knows this is the ultimate blogger lens, perfect for outfit and detail photos. I still need to practice a bit, but so far I'm pretty impressed by the quality! So for my first outfit shots taken by my portret lens, I just had to wear my vintage faux fur hat that I got for only 3 euros at my favourite thrift store, combined with favourite garment at the moment: these leggings. Seriously, I think the people in my class see me at least once a week in these: they're just so easy to throw on and they match with everything black, so no wardrobe crises for me anymore! I'm kidding, I do wear other clothes besides those leggings. Sometimes. Ahem

What I'm wearing: H&M leggings & (way too short) dress, Zara boots (getting replaced soon!), New Look jacket, vintage hat

I should do another outtakes post soon, I have way too much of these photos ;)
PS: My boyfriend is so happy to be my photography model now: