December 23, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to my new fur coat! Actually it's not new at all: I found it in a closet on the attic, it was handmade by my mum when I was little! I don't think I've worn it very often: I can't seem to find a picture of me wearing it in my old photo albums, and it probably didn't fit very well back then considering I still manage to fit in it! Well, the sleeves are too short but aside from that this is almost the perfect faux fur coat. And so FLUFFY

What I'm wearing: H&M jeans, Zara sweater, Topshop boots, handmade coat

Say hello to my new boots too! I ordered them on the Topshop website (which has free European delivery now and then, keep an eye on it) and I was a bit scared that they wouldn't fit - which is always a risk when ordering online - but they're perfect! I really needed a pair of black booties to replace my old ones, and these are real leather and really comfortable. 
I'm going back to my books now for an hour - I celebrated Christmas with my boyfriend and his family yesterday so I haven't been studying very good the last few days (when have I ever...) but now it's back to business! I only have 4 exams this semester but it's still a lot of work and I have to read a lot of books and articles for my paper (ugh..) so I know how to keep myself busy these days! 
Have a lovely Christmas!