December 16, 2012

Five Favourite Things

Well, I must say it was hard to choose only five favourites (thirteen favourites doesn't sound as good, does it?) but I can safely say studying and uni work did NOT make the list. Seriously, it's like professors are finally realizing the end of the semester is near (only 3 days of classes left before I go home!) and they want to finish the entire book by next week. And in addition to that, I have to do a book presentation on Wednesday, on which I've been working all weekend! So no outfit photos were taken during the past few days - I assure you that I wasn't wearing anything interesting beside leggings, oversized sweaters and my fluffy slippers. I'm so cool.
Anyway, these are some of the things that I did love when I had some time off:

1. The Secrid Slimwallet that was sent to me by the incredibly kind Julie of Yapado (thank you!) - A great solution for someone like me who collects cards but always manages to lose them. As you can see, the Slimwallet that I got to pick out (don't you just love the business-like cognac leather? I feel so professional carrying this around!) has room for your cards, banknotes or spare coins: no more looking for a piece of 50 cents that got lost in the depths of your cluttered handbag or panicking when you can't find the right loyalty card at the cash desk! (always happens to me. And always when there's 20 people waiting behind me...) And forget about those ugly plastic card holders: the Slimwallet, Miniwallet and Twinwallet  all come in a range of designs and colours. A perfect Christmas gift if you ask me! My boyfriend has begging me to use it for his business cards, but no way he's getting it :) I'm thinking of getting some business cards myself too, so I already know how to carry them around. 

2. I haven't decided on my Christmas outfit yet, but I already know what the accesories will be like: Big and golden! The earrings with diamonds (yeah, real ones of course!) and gold cuffs are from H&M, ring is from eBay and the hoop earrings I found in the back in my jewellery drawer old shoe box, I think I got them when I was 13 or something, 7 years ago! Does this count as vintage yet?

3. Playing around with my Christmas lights and bokeh/slow shutter effects!

oh hi, xmas lights...

4. Making my own latte! Perfect for those days when you're just hanging around in your pyjama's but really want some fancy cappuccino or macchiato: all you need is coffee (fresh, Senseo or the student way: filter coffee), milk, a microwave, a mini-mixer (I got mine at Casa..) and this tutorial by Laurein. Easy as hell!

5. Cleaning up my room and rearranging everything - I have one of those big Ikea bookcases that I use for pretty much everything: books, of course, but also nail polish, decoration, tea mugs, shoes, photographs etc. I love changing things around from time to time, variation is good! The only thing I don't like is the dust: seriously, you can't go two days without dusting every single shelf. Something I, of course, do every day. Ahem.
I was thinking, would you be interested in a post about my room and my decoration? Just let me know in the comments! I'm always curious to see how other people decorate their homes, so I would love to virtually show you around in mine too if you're interested!