December 12, 2012


So yeah, most cliché title for a blog post today or what? At least it's more creative than the usual 'stuff I'm wearing in this post' title I normally do! Did you do something memorable to remember this special date by? I had an oral Arabic exam on which I forgot almost all words I ever learned, hurt my finger all day (I cut myself yesterday with a breadknife - auwtch!), went for a nice coffee and bought a new notebook and pencils, all in neon pink - I convince myself that studying for those exams that are coming close way too soon will go so much better when I have flashy equipment. Not gonna happen.

Anyway, this is what I wore today: it's getting really cold outside, so I've been living in this slouchy cardigan/coat I bought in my favourite secondhand shop (yes, again!), together with a turtleneck sweater that I've had for about 6 years or something (you see, I totally wear my clothes more than once :D), my sneakers that are almost falling apart from wearing them basically every day, my beanie and some dark red lipstick. I got this one almost two years ago but found it too dark back then, but although I still like my classic red lipstick from time to time, I think a dark red/burgundy colour looks quite interesting too! Anyway, I'm rambling on again, hope you had a nice 12.12.12! SO CLICHE

Yeah, I walk around with my eyes closed...

What I'm wearing: H&M jeans, sweater & beanie, Sac d'Anvers sneakers & thrifted coat

Leuven finally got its Christmas lighting up, this totally makes going out in the cold better for me. I love Christmas decorations, these are mine btw, photographed with a DIY star bokeh (I'm so fancy):