November 7, 2012

Platform 2012

As I promised: my outfit from the concert last Saturday! As I said, the dresscode was 'black gala' so of course I had to go all the way! I got quite some compliments on my outfit :D I even managed to stand on these heels the entire evening (6PM till about 3AM!) I really hope we go for this black dresscode on every concert from now on, it looks so much more classy than our usual uniform, and it's the perfect excuse for a new black dress twice a year ;) 

What I'm wearing: ASOS skirt, Zara heels & peplum top, Forever21 necklace

 Some photos of the evening:

The special act! You can watch it here if you like :D (start at about minute 2:50)

me and my favourite nieces!
Doing what I do best! :D
The concert was great btw, imagine it to be some sort of local Night of the Proms: good music, a great atmosphere and a very enthusiastic audience, so it was a huge success. You should all come to the 2014 edition btw ;)