November 29, 2012

Not So Retro

A few weeks ago, when someone asked what my style was, I believe it was Nikki who said that I was 'so retro'. While I've been describing my style as retro too, I can't say that it's still that way these days. I'm really not into the pleated skirts (aka grandma skirts :D), collars and cute dresses anymore. I want to be more edgy, sophisticated; I don't want to look like the sweet girl next door like I used to look like before. Probably also because in the past few months several people have a) told me I look younger than I am or b) guessed I was 18 years old or something. I love being called 'cute', but I'm not a teenager anymore so I don't want to look like one! Anyway, here's what I wore yesterday! I hate it when people comment on my shorts, asking if I'm not cold in my tights. I've recently bought some 120 den tights and a pair of fleece tights too, and I really think they are WAY warmer than the regular pair of jeans those people are wearing in winter. And ok, when it gets really cold, I wear two pairs of tights over each other, haha!

It's really getting cold!

What I'm wearing: Zara shorts and sweater, New Look jacket, Sac d'Anvers sneakers and scarf knitted by my mum!

 What do you think? Am I still a bit retro or totally over it? :D