November 29, 2012

Not So Retro

A few weeks ago, when someone asked what my style was, I believe it was Nikki who said that I was 'so retro'. While I've been describing my style as retro too, I can't say that it's still that way these days. I'm really not into the pleated skirts (aka grandma skirts :D), collars and cute dresses anymore. I want to be more edgy, sophisticated; I don't want to look like the sweet girl next door like I used to look like before. Probably also because in the past few months several people have a) told me I look younger than I am or b) guessed I was 18 years old or something. I love being called 'cute', but I'm not a teenager anymore so I don't want to look like one! Anyway, here's what I wore yesterday! I hate it when people comment on my shorts, asking if I'm not cold in my tights. I've recently bought some 120 den tights and a pair of fleece tights too, and I really think they are WAY warmer than the regular pair of jeans those people are wearing in winter. And ok, when it gets really cold, I wear two pairs of tights over each other, haha!

November 24, 2012

Press days S/S 2013 pt. 2

The second part of my press day report! Next on the list was Media Mania, who represent brands as Adidas, Pinko, Esprit, NafNaf, Fred Perry and many, many more. Seriously, their showroom looked like a huge (and very dangerous creditcard-wise!) store:

Shoe heaven!

November 15, 2012

Press days S/S2013 pt. 1

Last week I was invited to discover the 2013 Spring/Summer collection at the Antwerp press agencies. It's always weird to be surrounded by beachwear, neon coloured dresses and summery sandals when it's almost freezing outside! Makes me long for Spring even more (yes, already!). I met up with Renée around noon to visit Marnix and Ally, a brand new PR agency (since October 1st!), where we discovered some pretty amazing new brands. Wanna have a look?

November 7, 2012

Platform 2012

As I promised: my outfit from the concert last Saturday! As I said, the dresscode was 'black gala' so of course I had to go all the way! I got quite some compliments on my outfit :D I even managed to stand on these heels the entire evening (6PM till about 3AM!) I really hope we go for this black dresscode on every concert from now on, it looks so much more classy than our usual uniform, and it's the perfect excuse for a new black dress twice a year ;) 

November 2, 2012

Fall Inspiration

What's a girl gotta do when it's rainy outside and she doesn't have time to take outfit photos? Looking at other people's outfits instead of course! No seriously, I feel like I'm letting down my blog and myself lately - I have so much work for school that it has gotten in the way of blogging and taking outfit photos. And I don't really see it getting better in the near future: I've got loads of texts to translate, articles and books to read and essays to be written in addition to working two days in the week, trying to work out a bit AND maintaining my social life too! It's hard to find a balance between all those, but I think blogging twice a week should be manageable -  I've never been a daily blogger (respect to those who can do it) so it won't be that much of a change ;) 
Oh and the concert I talked you about a few weeks ago is tomorrow and I've finally decided on the outfit! If you follow me on instagram you might have already seen what I choose, if not, well, I'll show you soon enough. I will be wearing my highest heels, so hopefully I won't fall off the stage or anything! Knowing me, that could totally happen. I wonder why I wear heels so much when I have zero balance! Luckily I will be seated most of the time.
Anway, here is some of my fall inspiration!