October 21, 2012

Life update + question!

I know, I've been a terrible blogger lately. I've been so busy (God that sounds pretentious, doesn't it?) with both working at the coffee bar and studying and doing schoolwork... But I promise I'm back in the regular blogging rhytm from now on! What has happened this week? Well, I got myself a little present in the form of a (secondhand) iPhone! It's a 3GS, but in great condition and frankly, I'm probably the only person who likes the design of the 3GS more than the 4G - less square and manly! Anyway, here's what I've been up to the past week:

Combining work with pleasure... ;)

Warm milk with honey and comfort food = perfect remedy against this awful cold I'm having!

Studying... I have to write a paper this year, and I chose 'Islamic extremist movements in Europe'. First step: collecting all my sources!

Experimenting with photo apps (Pixlromatic, Vintage Cam and LINE camera are my favourites!)
Of course I've also been wearing clothes! Just not photographing them very often... This is what I wore yesterday.
And taking silly pictures of myself! You should can follow me on instagram (@mademoisielle)

Now I have a question for you guys: As you might know (or not), I play in an orchestra and we're having our bi-annual concert on two weeks. It's not a regular concert, as there will be artists performing with us (two singers, a violin player and a trombone quartet). Normally we wear our uniform (this should give you an idea how that looks like :D) on a concert, but this time they decided to go all fancy so the dress code is black evening wear. As usual, I can't decide what to wear, so I'm asking your advice:

Black gala dilemma

I narrowed it down to 3 options:

1) My black lace pencil skirt with a black peplum top OR
2) My little black dress (this one, the one on the collage is just for illustrating!) OR
3) this high low skirt from Asos (only about 9 euros in the sale!) with a simple black top.
And then the shoes: the glitter sandals or the (really high) peeptoes?
Help me out here! I'll probably order the skirt anyway because I really love it after seeing Sabina looking smoking hot in a similar skirt and it's really cheap :D But I'd love to hear your opinions on the outfit choice! You should probably also know that my fellow musicians aren't that fashion-minded (Sorry guys if you read this, but you did give me a lot of strange looks when I was wearing my leggings a few weeks ago, so I'm not exaggerating here :D) so all of these outfits would be ok, but just help me out here OK? :D
See you soon!