October 12, 2012

Fall wishlist

I know, I know: a fall wishlist is about the most cliché thing to blog about at the moment. But hey, I just got my paycheck from my job and we all know what that means: shopping time! Or, as I like to call it, "supporting the economy". Ahem.

Fall Wishlist

1. I've been looking for a big black (preferably leather) bag for ages to carry all my stuff in when I go to class, but I can't seem to find the perfect one! This one's from Zara.
2. A faux fur coat, ideally a leopard one. Some people find faux fur tacky, but I think it really gives some 'chav chic' vibes to an outfit, as Annebeth would say ;)
3. Maxi skirt, in nude or some other colour: I think this one would look great with my leather jacket when it gets colder!
4. Slouchy knits: perfect for colder evenings.
5. Printed pants: because they really make you stand out among all the grey and black other people are wearing during fall/winter!
6. Gold jewellery, to spice up a casual outfit.
7. Burgundy or oxblood is the perfect fall colour!
8. Studded collar: I've really been into studs lately! Don't worry, I'm not going back to the old emo/metal puberty days (don't we all have that one embarrassing period in our teenage years?), but studded accessories or shoes can really spice up an outfit imo.
9. I know, sunglasses in fall? The truth is: I wear sunglasses all the time when I'm outside, even in winter! I'm very sensitive to light, and it looks classy, no?

I see what you're thinking: where are the shoes? Don't worry: I thought the shoes deserved a collage of their own:

Fall-proof shoes

1. Ok, I know I bitched about these shoes in the past, but I'm completely sold now: they are epic! These are not Jeffrey Campbell's Lita's, but they do look very alike, no? In fact, I ordered them just yesterday! Can't wait for them to arrive. Even my boyfriend likes them! SCORE
2. Glitter boots. No explanation needed.
3. Still desperately in need of some leopard loafers!
4. Again, the ultimate fall colour.
5. Black platform wedges: Way more practical than heels with all the cobblestones in my town!
6. The perfect red boots!
7. What did I tell you about studs? :D

So, what's on your wishlist?