October 3, 2012

AFN: the outfit

So this is what I wore for Antwerp Fashion Night! As Hanna said in her post, it's hard to choose an outfit for an event like this: you don't want to look 'too much',it's still a fashion event so you have to look stylish. I really wanted to wear my sneakers (I wear them all the time, seriously!), but I think the dress makes it less casual! Add to that a messy bun on my head, my leather jacket that I love so much and my signature red lipstick and I was ready to go! I got quite some compliments during the day! (and some strange looks and whistling from men, but whatever...) What do you think of my outfit?
Thanks Steffi and Hanna for the pictures btw!

I will never be one of those bloggers who always look serious on their photos, I can't help but smiling every time!

H&M dress & bag, New Look jacket and Sac d'Anvers sneakers