September 10, 2012

Summertime Sadness

The title of this post isn't really appropriate, because I couldn't be less sad at the moment: I'm free from exams (did go better than the last time, so fingers crossed!), I had the best weekend chilling with my boyfriend and I had my first workday today and it went well! I'm working at a coffee bar called 'Reispunt' in Leuven, so come and say hi if you're in the neighbourhood! I *might* get you some free coffee :D Some photos of my weekend:

Showing my boyfriend how I want to be framed on the picture :D

And a picture of my little sister because it's her birthday tomorrow! Actually I should stop calling her 'little' as she's turning 17... Time flies!

PS: I'm guestposting again today, this time on Rebel Angel! Come and say hi!