September 19, 2012

September Shopping

So I may have disappeared for a while here, sorry for that! I've been working a lot the last two weeks, most of the time I'm finished working around 8PM, so I don't have much spare time! I do have some spare money now thanks to that, so I already bought myself some things to celebrate, haha. Well, most of the stuff I bought is either vintage (1 euro at Think Twice vintage, love that shop), on sale, bought with a voucher or just cheap :D So I didn't splurge or anything (yet - still have to receive my paycheck...) but I'm planning on some wedge sneakers (finally!), a new school bag and a trip to Primark soon, so expect more shoplog posts soon! So, what I bought:

Knitwear! From top to bottom: Zara sales - Forever21 sales - T2 Vintage

H&M dress

Planning on a colourful autumn! Vintage T-shirt - pants secondhand, bought from a friend

Some vintage pieces that require DIY-ing (aka spending the afternoon at my grandmother's, including afternoon coffee and biscuits!):

Real leather skirt - I'm thinking of turning it into a 60s skirt!

I can so see this turning into a sexy wiggle dress!
Gangsta sunglasses, from ebay
What do you think of my new buys?