September 5, 2012

Holiday Photos: Blue Lagoon

I'm currently studying for my exam Friday (I made a pact with myself that I will never, EVER have a resit again), so this is just a quick post - the last post about my holiday in Turkey! As I said in my previous post, we spent our last days at the Blue Lagoon, apparently one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! I can't testify for that, as I haven't seen that many beaches in my life, but it was definitely an amazing place! We even joined the die-hard British tourists and went on a boat trip around the lagoon: there are a lot of little bays in the Blue Lagoon area that you can only reach by boat, so off we went!

My sister being a total BABE

It was really hot on this day - safe to say I only sat in the shadow, most of the time with a T-shirt over my bikini! Of course the other tourists were literally baking in the sun, seriously, they've never heard of skin cancer?! Slapping on some sunscreen SPF 10 every four hours isn't gonna protect you from the sun, you know...

No. 1 hairstyle on holiday: the donut! Easy AND classy.
Our last day was spent on the beach:

Still in donut-style :D

And my outfit for our last night, my new favourite dress:

And that's it for my holiday! Sadface :( Hope I didn't bore you with all the pictures! I haven't planned any holiday soon (more sadface...) so you'll be safe for a while, haha. I kind of wanted to show you that Turkey holds a lot more than just beaches (well, apart from this post then...) and 5-star hotels, so I hope I managed to convince you of the beauty that is Turkey <3>