September 25, 2012

Goodbye Summer!

Well, I'm back in my little room in Leuven, I had my first class today and I'm sitting here with a big cup of tea and a blanket: summer is definitely over! Not that we had some sort of crazy summer here in Belgium but still: now it's back to business instead of chilling all day in my pyjama's, watching series and making cake! I figured I'd do a summer recap post to remember those awesome months for the last time before I'll go and join the OMG SO GLAD ITS FALL hype that's been going on for like a month. Or not: the only reason I like fall is because I can wear warm clothes without freezing my ass off (I hate winter), the same reason I love Spring more than Summer (fashion-wise): you get to wear bare legs and summery clothes without the "It's way too hot for anything more than a swimsuit, and I'm going to sweat my ass off after 2 minutes outside" hassle! Now am I just rambling or do you feel the same way? :D
Anyway, my little summer recap!

Celebrating my 20th birthday

Spent two amazing weeks in Turkey
Learnt to sew and made my own dress!
Enjoyed cosy nights with friends <3
Studied a little bit... (and passed my exam!)

Enjoyed the sun with my boyfriend <3
Started working at 'Reispunt' coffee bar, and still loving it!
And finally bought myself some sneakers!
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get myself a pumpkin spice latte while I'm wearing tights, sweaters and scarfs again, because apparently that's what bloggers do now that it's FALL OMG. Blogger clichés ftw!