September 30, 2012

Antwerp Fashion Night

One date was marked in my diary for over a month: Friday, September 28, the first edition of Antwerp Fashion Night! And what an incredible day it was. After some trouble with the train, Hanna and I arrived in Antwerp for the press event and the pre-party at La Fête des Belges including cupcakes, bubbles and hair & nailstyling! We met up with Steffi (whom we met before at the Public Image event), got our hair and nails done and talked A LOT :D

September 27, 2012


If you'd told me a year ago I'd be wearing sneakers today, I'd be laughing: They were so not my retro/girly style. But times have changed, and not only did I start to like the look on others (Elien, Sabina and Leeloo rock their sneakers!), I've recently bought a pair too! I have to say, it's a nice change to wearing heels all the time (not that I do that - the cobblestones on these pictures are the reason for that) and I think they still look elegant. Even my boyfriend approves! SCORE

September 25, 2012

Goodbye Summer!

Well, I'm back in my little room in Leuven, I had my first class today and I'm sitting here with a big cup of tea and a blanket: summer is definitely over! Not that we had some sort of crazy summer here in Belgium but still: now it's back to business instead of chilling all day in my pyjama's, watching series and making cake! I figured I'd do a summer recap post to remember those awesome months for the last time before I'll go and join the OMG SO GLAD ITS FALL hype that's been going on for like a month. Or not: the only reason I like fall is because I can wear warm clothes without freezing my ass off (I hate winter), the same reason I love Spring more than Summer (fashion-wise): you get to wear bare legs and summery clothes without the "It's way too hot for anything more than a swimsuit, and I'm going to sweat my ass off after 2 minutes outside" hassle! Now am I just rambling or do you feel the same way? :D
Anyway, my little summer recap!

Celebrating my 20th birthday

Spent two amazing weeks in Turkey
Learnt to sew and made my own dress!
Enjoyed cosy nights with friends <3
Studied a little bit... (and passed my exam!)

Enjoyed the sun with my boyfriend <3
Started working at 'Reispunt' coffee bar, and still loving it!
And finally bought myself some sneakers!
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get myself a pumpkin spice latte while I'm wearing tights, sweaters and scarfs again, because apparently that's what bloggers do now that it's FALL OMG. Blogger clichés ftw!

September 19, 2012

September Shopping

So I may have disappeared for a while here, sorry for that! I've been working a lot the last two weeks, most of the time I'm finished working around 8PM, so I don't have much spare time! I do have some spare money now thanks to that, so I already bought myself some things to celebrate, haha. Well, most of the stuff I bought is either vintage (1 euro at Think Twice vintage, love that shop), on sale, bought with a voucher or just cheap :D So I didn't splurge or anything (yet - still have to receive my paycheck...) but I'm planning on some wedge sneakers (finally!), a new school bag and a trip to Primark soon, so expect more shoplog posts soon! So, what I bought:

Knitwear! From top to bottom: Zara sales - Forever21 sales - T2 Vintage

H&M dress

Planning on a colourful autumn! Vintage T-shirt - pants secondhand, bought from a friend

Some vintage pieces that require DIY-ing (aka spending the afternoon at my grandmother's, including afternoon coffee and biscuits!):

Real leather skirt - I'm thinking of turning it into a 60s skirt!

I can so see this turning into a sexy wiggle dress!
Gangsta sunglasses, from ebay
What do you think of my new buys? 

September 10, 2012

Summertime Sadness

The title of this post isn't really appropriate, because I couldn't be less sad at the moment: I'm free from exams (did go better than the last time, so fingers crossed!), I had the best weekend chilling with my boyfriend and I had my first workday today and it went well! I'm working at a coffee bar called 'Reispunt' in Leuven, so come and say hi if you're in the neighbourhood! I *might* get you some free coffee :D Some photos of my weekend:

September 7, 2012

Fashion & Politics

Just dropping by to say that I'm guestposting for Hanna at her blog, Fashion and Politics! Check out my post here - it's the outfit I wore for the Public Image event btw!

September 5, 2012

Holiday Photos: Blue Lagoon

I'm currently studying for my exam Friday (I made a pact with myself that I will never, EVER have a resit again), so this is just a quick post - the last post about my holiday in Turkey! As I said in my previous post, we spent our last days at the Blue Lagoon, apparently one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! I can't testify for that, as I haven't seen that many beaches in my life, but it was definitely an amazing place! We even joined the die-hard British tourists and went on a boat trip around the lagoon: there are a lot of little bays in the Blue Lagoon area that you can only reach by boat, so off we went!

September 2, 2012

Babalon Night @ The Public Image

Last Friday I was invited to the Babalon Blogger's Night at the Public Image store in Antwerp together with some other bloggers! I had a great time looking at the wonderful collection, drinking delicious cava (:D) and meeting lovely bloggers: Nikki, Renée, Hanna, Steffi, Anouk, Nathalie and many others. Some pictures of the store and the collection: