August 28, 2012

Holiday Photos: Ölüdeniz & Fethiye

The last but one post about my holiday in Turkey! After we travelled around the country for more than a week, we then arrived at Ölüdeniz at the Blue Lagoon, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (or so they say). After some problems with finding the villa and getting the keys, it was time to put those swimming suits on and relax! And I ask you, is there a better place for doing that than here:

I told you there was going to be a 'feet in the pool' shot! :D

At the local market, their slogan was "No hassle, real fake" :D
So the first day we were just lazy, lying at the pool, reading and taking a stroll down the little village of Ölüdeniz and the local market. Because, you know, we were tired of all the travelling and stuff ;)
The next day we went to Fethiye, a larger city, where we visited some ancient Lycian tombs - or at least, my parents walked all the way up there while my sister and I enjoyed the view of the city with a fresh orange juice! Those tombs looked way better from a distance btw.

The beautiful harbour of Fethiye

Zara shorts, top & sandals, H&M bag, sunglasses & earrings. I'm all for diversity in my clothing, yo!

Sister stole my pose :(
It was almost 7PM by now, and still about 35 degrees, hence the sweaty face haha!
We also passed by a fresh fruit and vegetable market:

This was pretty cool: You could buy your fresh fish here, and have it prepared in one of the surrounding restaurants, with sauce, fries, salad and everything for only a few euros!

The next day we went to the Saklıkent Canyon, in which, according to the travel guide "you could get a little wet." Oh how we were fooled:

Oh yes. And that was just the beginning: at some point we just had to swim because we couldn't reach the surface anymore. Quite some hilarious moments though! Unfortunately there are no pictures of me slipping and going head under water because I had to protect my camera from the water :)

And that's it for today! The last post will be all about the Blue Lagoon and the beach, so stay tuned! I'm leaving you with a picture of the view of " The Valley" as I called it, seen from my bedroom in our villa:
I miss that place.