August 20, 2012

Holiday photos: Lake Egirdir & Pamukkale

Read the first two parts of my holiday recap here (Istanbul) and here (Cappadocia)
After four days in the wonderful Cappadocia area we drove a whole day to arrive at the second greatest lake of Turkey, Lake Egirdir. Swimming, relaxing and especially sweating (haha :D) were the keywords here! We wanted to rent a boat to explore the lake by ourselves but in the end it was just too hot to do more than reading your favourite book on a sunbed (under the umbrella of course), eating an ice cream and taking a dive into the lake every hour. Heaven!

This is  Tuz Gölü, a giant salt lake we passed en route to the Egirdir area. It feels like you're walking on the moon!

Lake Egirdir

Obligatory 'feet at sea' photo! Don't worry, the 'feet in the swimming pool' is coming soon too :D

Another lake we passed while driving to Pamukkale - how blue is that water?? No photoshop or anything!
After two days in heaven, we drove to our next destination: Pamukkale, one of the most famous places in Turkey. Pamukkale means 'Cotton Castle' and you'll see why:

It is actually a hill covered with naturally formed calcium terraces, called travertines. Unfortunately the area got ruined a bit by the tourists who took a swim in the terraces, and many of the springs dried out because of that, so now it's a protected area and everything. Such a pity, it must have looked even more beautiful before!
We arrived here at 5PM, which was perfect because all the tourist busses had already left and we could catch the sunset. Of course I had to take about 468 photos of that:

You have no idea how many shots it took to get this photo. Or how many strange looks we got from other people!
Anyway, the fourth (and probably last) part of my holiday recap is coming soon! Hope you're not bored already ;) Did you enjoy the heatwave this weekend? I spent it lying in the grass, relaxing with my boyfriend, going to the annual fair in our town and eating carrot cake, aka the best thing I've ever made!