August 13, 2012

Holiday Photos: Cappadocia

From the hussle and bussle of Istanbul to the peace and quietness of Cappadocia: what a difference! We took a plane from Istanbul to Nevşehir, right in the middle of Cappadocia, Anatolia. We rented a car and drove to Göreme, a small village known for its cave houses (we stayed a few nights in one too!) and rock formations. On our first day we visited the 'love valley': just look at the shape of the rocks in this valley and you'll get where it got its name:

See what I'm talking about? :D Don't worry, it was the first thing that came into my (dirty) mind too. And the second thing was "Hey, I should really take a dirty picture here!"

And so it happened.

Turkish pide!

On our second day we decided to rent a bike and do a tour! Generally I don't like anything that makes me look like I've just stepped out of the sauna, but some exercise never harmed anyone, and I just love pushing myself to reach the top of the hill! The feeling of satisfaction is just worth the effort (and sweating...)
I didn't bring my camera on our ride so I took some pics with my phone:

Yes, pink nail polish totally helps you to bike faster. That and knowing that we would go to the hammam in the afternoon! (No pictures of that, sadly enough... But if you get the chance to go to one yourself, I fully recommend it!)

I almost though I was in the Grand Canyon...
Around sunset we gathered with the tourist busses (yay!) at the top of a hill to watch the sunset:

I have to say I'm pretty proud of these pictures :D
Some of the rest of the evening, the view from our restaurant terrass:

And that's it for Cappadocia! Hope you enjoyed seeing another side of Turkey (i.e. not the 'all-inclusive 5-star hotel with swimming pool' kind of Turkey :D)