August 1, 2012

Guest Post: The Styling Dutchman

Ola lovers! I'm Annebeth aka The Styling Dutchman, and today I will be entertaining you in the absence of Siel, since she is off on holiday doing awesome stuff while I'm stuck at home in rainy Belgium, twiddling my thumbs and watching Dr Phil reruns.

How will I entertain you, you ask me? HA! With pictures of my NAKED BODY, of course!

My naked body, covered in clothes. (Ugh I'm so lame)

A rainy day outfit, perfect for the crap weather in Belgium.

sweater: ASOS - skirt: Forever 21 - raincoat: Sheinside - sneakers: New Look - watch: Swatch

Now I ask you, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? I hope you are! If so, drop by my blog sometime. Let's keep in touch <3