August 4, 2012

Guest Post: The Ginger Diaries

Hello everyone! My name is Nikki and today I am taking over the blogging wheel from Siel while she enjoys some time off in fabulous (and hot!) Turkey. I myself only got back from my mosr recent vacation a few days ago and boy did it do me good! To stay in the mood, I decided to make this guestpost all about travelling. Hope you enjoy!

I am a globetrotter by heart. I have always felt the need to explore and see the world. I used to read the travel magazine we could get for free at the local supermarket every month and imagined myself picking apples in New Zealand, riding the waves in California, drinking tea in England and celebrate Christmas on a beach in Brazil. Since we are a big family, going abroad wasn't a possibility for us. My parents bought themselves a camper instead and we drove to the same campsite every year. I met many friends in these years and we still keep in touch. But after a while I felt too mature to travel with the parents (teenage rebelliation, ya know!), my friends didn't come anymore and it all got a little boring up there.

In 2009 I found myself a travel buddy: my boyfriend. Eventhough I was only 17, my parents allowed us to go to Paris by ourselves. Slowly Europe became our playground and I can't wait to see what's outside its borders! 

November 2009: Paris and Versailles
April 2010: Italy tour: Pisa, Rome, Venice, Pompei,  ... the whole package! 
August 2010: Czech Republic trip: Prague, Pilzen and Karlstein
September 2010: London
December 2010: Köln, Germany
April 2011: Disneyland Paris
July 2011: Barcelona
September 2011: Paris and Versailles

July 2012: New York City

July 2012: Washington DC
 Not Pictured
Dusseldorf / December 2009

On the wishlist
Austria: Salzburg and Vienna
American West coast, montana and Southern states
Scandinavian cruise
Australia & New Zealand

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