August 16, 2012

DIY Inspiration

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you may have noticed I've really gotten into making my own dresses. Since my mum gave me this awesome book for my birthday, I've been sitting behind her my sewing machine all day to sew my very own dress! I'm lucky that both my mum and my grandmother know something about sewing (okay, my grandma is kind of an expert in this area) so I got some help from them, but I'm proud to say I've finished my first dress EVER a few days ago and I've already started a new one! This is the first dress I made,  the Diana Ross dress:

I know it looks more like a sack than a dress and it really needs some ironing, but it looks pretty cool on! Of course the fabric is hideous and totally not suitable for a glamourous Diana Ross-like dress, but this was just my 'test' dress and I wouldn't be wearing it anyway (some hems are really badly stitched...) so I just used some old fabric! I would definitely make this one again, but I'd choose a fabric more like this:

For you know, when I get invited to sing at a glamourous party. Ahem.

Anyway, the dress I'm currently working on is this 60s Twiggy dress, of course one of the more complicated dresses of the book (I like to think after making one dress I'm an experienced sewster...):

It's quite difficult - My grandma and I just spend 3 hours on the buttoned neck alone. But I really enjoy it, it's such a satisfying feeling to wear something you made yourself, something that nobody else will wear! (And in my case, probably wouldn't WANT to wear :D)

Sooooo I've started to google DIY fashion and such and I discovered this awesome DIY blog by a girl named Geneva: A Pair and a Spare. I think I've spent one entire afternoon browsing through her archives, she's so talented and creative! I've got so many DIY ideas now: Dip dye T-shirts, cut out dresses, embellished shoes,... I love her 'Buy it or make it' section in which she shows how to re-create that $1000 designer item for a fraction of the price! Awesome, right?? I'm so becoming one of those annoying DIY people who walk into H&M, looking at the clothes and saying "I could SO make this myself" or "This is so badly hemmed" :D

Some DIY items I'd like to make:

Galaxy print T-shirt: from here

Dip dye! (from here)

More dip dye (from here)

 Okay, this isn't something I will really make, but  doesn't  this ombre dress look amazing?  (Image from here)

Neon necklace & maxi dress from A Pair and a Spare
 Isn't that dress gorgeous? And really easy to make too! I'm invited to the wedding of a Moroccan girlfriend (for the first time in my life! Excited!) and as I don't think a traditional Moroccan evening dress (like this) will suit me, I'll try to make this one! There are no men allowed at the party (men and women celebrate separately on Moroccan weddings) so basically the women can wear anything they want :D I'm so looking forward to it!

What do you think?