August 10, 2012


We've been having a few days of sunshine here, OMG! As much as I enjoyed my holiday in Turkey, I'm glad to be back because it was just too hot for me. Call me crazy, but the ideal temperature for me is 20-25 °C. We've had over 40 degrees in Turkey, and that was just too much for me: I'm sweating on places I didn't know I could sweat, my face looks like a tomato and I can't go outside without slapping on a whole bottle of sunscreen SPF 50. So it's a mystery why I keep going to superhot places every year, huh?
Oh, and creating a nice outfit in 40 degrees is such a struggle: even naked I'm still sweating my ass off! (I didn't try that out though. I like to keep it classy.) 
I do try to enjoy every sunny day we get here in Belgium, so yesterday after running some errands, my sister and I stopped at this small road not far from our house to take some pictures! We got some really strange looks from cyclists who were slowing down to see what we were doing (taking photos of the LANDSCAPE, obviously!) The concept of blogging isn't really familiar to most people here! Anyway, I'm talking too much again, enjoy your evening!

H&M skirt & bag, New Look shoes & T-shirt, sunglasses borrowed from my sister!

Yes, this is where I live. I believe 'isolated' is word you're looking for...

And a totally gratuitous photo of me being angry at the other people on the road:

Driving would be so much more fun if there were no other cars. Or bicycles. God.