July 7, 2012

Summer dress

I'm sorry for being MIA the last few days, but I have some excuses (yeah, I always have):
1. I spent yesterday with my boyfriend <3 we went to Antwerp, had some delicious pad thai for lunch and lazed around at the pool! Perfect summer day if you ask me.
2. I got my grades and I passed all my exams! Well, I do have one resit for a stupid course from the first semester but let's not talk about that now, shall we?
3. I got my new camera!!! Now I just need to get my lens so I can properly test it. But still <3
4. I rediscovered Rollercoaster Tycoon. Best. Game. Ever.
5. Hmmm, that's about it. But to make up for it, here are some photos my boyfriend took today (the same place we took these) before it starting raining again :( I don't mind if the temperature doesn't rise up to 35 degrees (I can't really bare heat very well - good thing I'm leaving for a country where's it's almost 40 degrees next week! Ahem) but come on: rain every day isn't fun :(

Dress: New Look
shoes, sunglasses: H&M

That would've been a great picture if that piece of wood wasn't in front of me. Thanks, boyfriend! Btw, isn't he handsome??? Say he is.

Awesome self-timer photo! :D

Probably (hopefully) one of the last photo shoots with my good old Pentax! Pretty emotional moment