July 12, 2012


I didn't really go overboard in the sales this year, mainly because I was saving up for my camera, but also because I had a few things on my wishlist and didn't really need anything else. Wanna see what I bought? 

I always buy new underwear in the sales! Pink lace bra & knickers, black lace triangle bra: H&M

Black crop top: New Look - sunglasses (only 1 euro!) and earrings: H&M

Crochet shorts & cream peplum top: Zara

Black & white pattern dress: H&M

If you've seen my birthday wishlist, you know I was desperately in search of a pair of sandals for on holiday. Happy I found these at Zara!
And then there's my precious camera, of course:

Love <3
I also got some more statement rings (off eBay), just wanted to show you how I display my jewellery:

Pretty, no? The tea set belonged to my grandfather, but I think it's too pretty to use! And given my clumsiness I almost don't dare to touch it. So this way it still gets its use.

Did you get something in the sales?