July 23, 2012

Guest Post: Rebel Angel

Hi everyone! I'm Sian from Rebel Angel
and I'm guest posting for Siel while she's away on a much deserved holiday in Turkey (lucky thing!). I decided to theme my post a little: I just returned from a holiday in Turkey a couple of weeks ago, and at the moment I'm getting through all my holiday snaps and outfits on my blog, so I thought you'd all like to see a few of them! I've picked these ones from a couple of days in particular – the days we went on trips, so this includes one to a Hidden Lake in the mountains, one on a Land Rover Safari and also some Lycian Rock Tombs.

So the picture above is one thing I'm sure Siel will be sampling in Turkey – apple tea! You seem to get this everywhere you go, and it's actually really nice! Especially if you add a bit of sugar ;) Despite the heat, it's actually quite nice to have a warm drink (apparently it cools you down or something?! Not sure about that but it tastes good!). I've also added some pictures of the beautiful views from the mountains in Turkey – a lot of people don't realise what a beautiful and historic country Turkey is until you get there, so I'm trying to show this a little through these pictures =)

Hat: Florida
Sunglasses: (Free with a magazine sshh!)
Top: H&M
Shorts: c/o Room 31
And this wouldn't be a post from me without some outfit photos – although they're hardly the best outfit photos in the world!! I promise I'm usually better with outfit and picture quality haha!! This was just an outfit to keep me cool during the day on the Hidden Lake trip, which also included a bit of walking, meaning sensible shoes! I did an educational trip to Greece last year which included a lot (I mean a lot) of walking around ancient sites, therefore I had to have sensible shoes, and my dad bought me these before I left. I hated them at first: they look horrid! But they are so comfortable and literally saved my feet from torture, so I grew to love them! And finally, let's just prove to you that I do wear much nicer things sometimes, here's a picture of me in a retro Esther Williams swimsuit at the beach:

Hope you've enjoyed this post! Pop over to my blog sometime and say hi!!