July 20, 2012

Guest post: Insomnia

Hello, my name is Sabina from the blog called INSOMNIA and I'm a redhead addict!
So when Siel asked me to do a guest post I immediately knew that it should be a tribute to those sun kissed girls all over the world! Since an early age I was fascinated by girls with red hair. No idea how it started, but I always dreamed of having red hair. Redheads have a unique beauty to them, which is almost surreal. Unfortunately real redheads are rare to come by. 
Throughout history redheads were described as people with a fierce temperament and from my knowledge it must be true. They were often feared by different cultures, red hair is bound by superstitious believes. Such as redheads being vampires, witches or kissed by hell fire. To me they're just incredibly beautiful and mysterious. Who knows, maybe I was a redhead in a past life or Cleopatra or a snail, we'll never know!
Anyhow, here's a tribute to redheads. Real or not, they are all beautiful!

And of course let's not forget about the owner of the blog too! I'm absolutely in love with her hair and her look!