July 26, 2012

Guest Post: Fashion and Politics

Well hi, guys. This is your temporary captain speaking: Hanna , owner of Fashion & Politics and a true Mademoisielle-fan. The lovely Siel and I only recently met at the New Look press days, but we immediately hit off. So when she asked me to guestblog while she was enjoying the Turkish sunshine, I couldn’t possibly refuse. Main reason: I have been wanting to dress up all retro-style for quite some time now, but I felt like I never had a good enough reason for doing so. Now I do.
I bought this polka dot dress in a beautiful little shop in Madrid last year and only wore it once. Same story with the ballerina wedges. I never felt confident enough in both items - I rarely leave the house without my high heels on and I hate it when clothes make me look too damn cute. I’m not cute. That said, I’m so glad I finally found a way to wear these ‘forgotten’ items. Though I still feel like I’m looking at a 16 year old while scrolling over these pictures.

In these last bunch of pictures I tried to do the iconic ‘Siel blowing a kiss’ thing (yes she does that – and she rocks at it as well). I do look rather playfull than sexy, but hey I’m wearing a polka dot dress and cute bow shoes for a reason.

Conclusion: never be afraid to get out of your comfort-zone, but stick to your game while you are doing so. I did injoy this little dress up I must say, but immediately after the pictures were taken I changed into ‘me’ again. Hah, comfort. You’ll have to wait for the real sh*t till Mademoisielle herself is back in town! In the mean time I kindly invite you to pay my blog a visit: http://fashion-and-politics.blogspot.be/. Have fun sneaking around!

What am I wearing? Dress – Rules by Mary | Bag & Hair accessory - Zara | Shoes – market purchase | Necklace – H&M