July 1, 2012

A day in Bruges

FINALLY I have some time to blog! The last week has been so hectic: studying for my last and most difficult exam (which went ok, at least I hope so!), then cleaning up my room, packing to go home, driving home, catching up on a month of sleep (no kidding) and my first days of relaxing since 1,5 month. I really wanted to blog, but just didn't have time. But no more excuses, I'm back! And with a photo overload. Don't say I didn't warn you!
Today I went to Bruges with my parents and sister. I've visited this lovely city many times already, but mostly just to shop or on a study trip with school (on the age of 15 you don't really appreciate the historical value of a city as Bruges, you just want to eat an ice cream and go to H&M...), so it was nice to just stroll through the little streets and enjoy the picturesque buildings and canals. We were lucky that there was a big flee market all over the city, so we spent quite some time there too. Anyway, less talking, more pictures!

The Big Market square and the common view of Bruges: water and pretty houses!

Some streetviews! How amazing is that car?? It was parked in front of a lovely antique shop (very expensive but very nice stuff) where I saw this amazing chandelier:

Next up: flee market! Some snapshots:

If this lamp hadn't been so expensive, it would definitely have come home with me! Deliciously retro <3

Of course I couldn't leave Bruges without having a look at the shopping street! I didn't buy anything except for a black bralet top from New Look (4 euro only!) because I'm going to Ghent somewhere this week too so I'll do most of my sale shopping there. And I didn't want to annoy my family too much, I can really loose track of time while browsing through clothing racks :D I did try on a few pairs of sandals (still looking for a pair to wear on holiday) but none of them fitted or looking nice on :( Thinking of ordering these from Asos because I'm getting desperate! They do look cute, no?
Anyway, we stumbled upon this darling interior and deco shop that had my dream kitchen in it:

Just awesome. Most of the stuff was pretty expensive though, so I didn't buy anything. But I'll definitely keep this little shop in mind!
Wow, this post was super photo-heavy! Did it make up for the blogging-less week? :D
Hope your weekend was as nice as mine!
Last picture of Bruges: