July 17, 2012


My birthday is already five days ago, but I haven't had time yet to blog about it! I had a great time, getting together with my family and friends to celebrate. Today is actually the first day I can relax a bit, I've been so busy these days! I must warn you, this post is very photo heavy, haha. 
First: On Wednesday we went to my boyfriend's dad's to celebrate his birthday! Lovely evening with lots of food that I always forget to take pictures of (bad blogger) Must work on that :D

Love this piece of art, it's by Marc Lagrange.

Playing around!

Yes, I managed to get one picture of the food. The best part though: dessert!
The next day was my birthday of course! I was surprised with apple cake and eclairs for breakfast <3 Of course I forgot to take a picture. Around noon, we drove home and stopped halfway to eat pizza at a road restaurant , so classy! :D In the evening I invited some friends over for tapas! I made tortilla, patatas bravas, falafel with Lebanese bread and tomato salad, calamares, zucchini fritters, avocado fries with dip sauce and some other things I can't remember! You can just click on it to find the recipe and a picture since I, of course, forgot to take pictures of the food :D Except for the falafel my boyfriend made:

They were falling apart a bit, but they tasted amazing! 
I didn't take many photos that evening, mainly because I had to cook and didn't have time!

On Saturday we invited some family (yes, also for my birthday! I love dinner parties) and as I didn't get any photos of my outfit on my birthday itself, I decided to wear the exact same thing and dragged my sister outside to take pictures:

Matching shoes! <3

My boyfriend gave me this watch for my birthday! 

Some more pictures of the evening:

Doing what I do best! :D

Making goat cheese croissants! Best appetizer ever, I could eat this every day <3

Sister love :)

Just had to include this one :D
And that's about it! I'm glad to be able to say I'm 20 years old now, sounds so much better than 19 :D 
So, I'm packing my bags at the moment as I'm leaving for Turkey on Thursday! Don't worry, I have some awesome guest bloggers who are filling in for me so stay tuned. I hope I will find some time to blog tomorrow evening before I leave, we'll see about that. My boyfriend was so sweet to borrow me his iPad so we can skype each other sometimes and I can update on how my trip is going! I'm on instagram now (@ mademoisielle) so you can follow me there while I'm away. Now if you'll excuse me, I really must try to get those 15 dresses and 10 pairs of shoes into my suitcase...