July 3, 2012

Birthday wishlist

Birthday wishlist

It's my birthday next week (July 12th), so I  created a sort of wishlist in the form of a collage on polyvore. For any normal person this would be very easy, but I really suck at these things so it took me over an hour to make this, haha. Wanna know what's on my wishlist for my 20th (Finally no longer a teenager!) birthday?

First row:
1. I haven't read a book (that wasn't about Arabic grammer or the history of the Middle East) in a year and I've missed reading so much! I always take about 10 books with me on holiday, and I'm probably the local library's biggest sponsor, since I always bring 20 books home and "forget" to return them. So I don't have to tell you what my birthday gift number one is, do I?
2. If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you've already heard about my dilemma between two skirts from the Asos sale (this one or this one? Still haven't decided...) It's not one of those skirts you see here, but it's a pretty one too, no?
3. Aah, my ultimate birthday gift: a new camera! Yes, I know I just bought one (October last year) BUT mine is already quite old, it's a Pentax (nothing against the brand, it's just easier to get other lenses and stuff with a Nikon or Canon) and I really want to improve my photography, so I've been saving up during the last couple of months to buy this baby! (No, I'm not a spoilt brat who gets a €500 camera from her parents, I pay for it myself) I have my eye on the Nikon D90, I know it's not the newest model but it has some features I like that the newer Nikons don't have, so I've made my decision! Thoughts?

Second row:
4. A new pair of sunglasses always comes in handy! Although my mum and I disagree about the number of sunglasses a girl needs (she says one, I say... the more the merrier), I'll probably buy one for myself in the sales.
5. This isn't really a birthday gift (although, darling, if you read this: feel free!), but my boyfriend and I are planning to go to London in September! I've never been to London before (sob!) but I already know it'll be awesome <3
6. Some nail polish is always welcome! Still looking for the perfect mint green...

Third row:
7. Something I hope to find on my sales shopping spree tomorrow: a boyfriend jeans! I've never tried one on before, so they might as well look ridiculous on me, but I really love the look. 
8. A new watch - I've had my little Kipling watch since I was 12! Love this leopard one.
9. I've heard lots of good things about Bumble and Bumble hair products, so I really want to try them out! Too bad they're so expensive!
10. Last but not least: a pair of sandals! Really need some for on holiday, and these are lovely!

So, have you decided which one you'll buy me? :D 
I'm off to bed now, gotta get up early tomorrow (well, anything before 9AM is early for me!) to go to Ghent! I'm really into visiting our Belgian cities lately :D Good night!