July 10, 2012

Behind the scenes

People who read my blog (and who aren't bloggers themselves) often tell me how good I look on photos. That always makes me laugh, because they can't be more wrong! I often have to take about a hundred photos for one single post, to narrow it down to about ten that are ok to show here. That seems a lot, but trust me: I have a special talent for ruining photos. I thought it would be fun to show you some of those, because I like to keep it real! I often read blogs from gorgeous women who look like they could be in a fashion magazine or professional photoshoot, but those blogs don't feel 'real' to me. You can just see that they've spent ages to take that perfect shot, in the perfect lighting, and with perfect make-up etc. Nice to look at, but not very inspirational. I think it's nice to show your real (and in my case: downright silly) side of yourself. So prepare for some funny outtakes!

First up: Failed jumping shots! 

Especially pay attention to my rabbit face on the blue blazer picture :D
Keeping my balance isn't one of my strongest points either. I do blame the cobblestones or grass though:
Sometimes it's difficult to find the right spot to stand in front of the camera, something I don't always succeed in:
It's said that an outfit looks better in motion, aka when you're walking or doing a twirl. Not in my cause though, I just end up like this:

And these are just major fails:

Avoiding a camel toe :D
I hope you had fun laughing at me! When you're around the blogosphere (such a stupid word) for a while, you notice people can take blogging so seriously! I will always consider blogging as a hobby, something I can experiment and have fun with, while meeting awesome people along the way <3 
Anyway, I'm having some busy days coming up! Tomorrow is my boyfriend's dad's bday party, and the day after that is my birthday, yay! I have some friends coming over for drinks and lots of food (that I will prepare myself, I'm not a lazy bitch on my birthday! And I love cooking for other people so I don't mind) so I won't be blogging these two days. I might prepare a scheduled post though, because I feel like I'm neglecting my blog a bit - I really want to take outfit photos but I was so smart to leave my tripod at my student room in Leuven AND my home photographer (= my sister) is on holiday in the UK at the moment (so jealous), so I can't really take my pictures! But I'm going to Leuven in a few days to take a look at my exam (always good to see what went wrong!) and get some of my stuff I left there. So I'll be back ;)
See you soon!