July 29, 2012

Guest Post: The Blonde Muse

Hi! My name is RenĂ©e from The Blonde Muse and today I'm guest posting for you while Siel is off enjoying her holiday. 
I like to describe my blog as a not so typical fashion blog. Why? While I love fashion, I hate to make photos of my own outfits, what makes that my blog is more a collection of everyday inspirations of fashion, moodboards and here and there an outfit post. 

gosh, am I the only one feeling awkward while posing for outfit photos? 

You can describe my style as "Stockholm meets Paris": a bit minimalistic, but still bold, put-together en comfortable. I love wearing stripes, feminine dresses and lots of colorful bracelets, but also skinny jeans and blazers are my thing.
After my no-buy (read all about it here), quality and details became really important to me, so now I try to invest in items that last longer than only one season. 

My outfit essentials, using "my bloggers best friend" polyvore: 

1. the skinny jeans that fits perfectly, 2. pretty sunglasses, 3. lots of bracelets, 4. tailored blazers, 5. a small cross over bag, 6. a soft scarf to brave the cold wind, 7. striped shirts, 8. ankle boots, 9. black mascara, and 10. a perfect manicure. 

Siel, thank you for having me here. xo

July 26, 2012

Guest Post: Fashion and Politics

Well hi, guys. This is your temporary captain speaking: Hanna , owner of Fashion & Politics and a true Mademoisielle-fan. The lovely Siel and I only recently met at the New Look press days, but we immediately hit off. So when she asked me to guestblog while she was enjoying the Turkish sunshine, I couldn’t possibly refuse. Main reason: I have been wanting to dress up all retro-style for quite some time now, but I felt like I never had a good enough reason for doing so. Now I do.
I bought this polka dot dress in a beautiful little shop in Madrid last year and only wore it once. Same story with the ballerina wedges. I never felt confident enough in both items - I rarely leave the house without my high heels on and I hate it when clothes make me look too damn cute. I’m not cute. That said, I’m so glad I finally found a way to wear these ‘forgotten’ items. Though I still feel like I’m looking at a 16 year old while scrolling over these pictures.

In these last bunch of pictures I tried to do the iconic ‘Siel blowing a kiss’ thing (yes she does that – and she rocks at it as well). I do look rather playfull than sexy, but hey I’m wearing a polka dot dress and cute bow shoes for a reason.

Conclusion: never be afraid to get out of your comfort-zone, but stick to your game while you are doing so. I did injoy this little dress up I must say, but immediately after the pictures were taken I changed into ‘me’ again. Hah, comfort. You’ll have to wait for the real sh*t till Mademoisielle herself is back in town! In the mean time I kindly invite you to pay my blog a visit: http://fashion-and-politics.blogspot.be/. Have fun sneaking around!

What am I wearing? Dress – Rules by Mary | Bag & Hair accessory - Zara | Shoes – market purchase | Necklace – H&M 

July 23, 2012

Guest Post: Rebel Angel

Hi everyone! I'm Sian from Rebel Angel
and I'm guest posting for Siel while she's away on a much deserved holiday in Turkey (lucky thing!). I decided to theme my post a little: I just returned from a holiday in Turkey a couple of weeks ago, and at the moment I'm getting through all my holiday snaps and outfits on my blog, so I thought you'd all like to see a few of them! I've picked these ones from a couple of days in particular – the days we went on trips, so this includes one to a Hidden Lake in the mountains, one on a Land Rover Safari and also some Lycian Rock Tombs.

So the picture above is one thing I'm sure Siel will be sampling in Turkey – apple tea! You seem to get this everywhere you go, and it's actually really nice! Especially if you add a bit of sugar ;) Despite the heat, it's actually quite nice to have a warm drink (apparently it cools you down or something?! Not sure about that but it tastes good!). I've also added some pictures of the beautiful views from the mountains in Turkey – a lot of people don't realise what a beautiful and historic country Turkey is until you get there, so I'm trying to show this a little through these pictures =)

Hat: Florida
Sunglasses: (Free with a magazine sshh!)
Top: H&M
Shorts: c/o Room 31
And this wouldn't be a post from me without some outfit photos – although they're hardly the best outfit photos in the world!! I promise I'm usually better with outfit and picture quality haha!! This was just an outfit to keep me cool during the day on the Hidden Lake trip, which also included a bit of walking, meaning sensible shoes! I did an educational trip to Greece last year which included a lot (I mean a lot) of walking around ancient sites, therefore I had to have sensible shoes, and my dad bought me these before I left. I hated them at first: they look horrid! But they are so comfortable and literally saved my feet from torture, so I grew to love them! And finally, let's just prove to you that I do wear much nicer things sometimes, here's a picture of me in a retro Esther Williams swimsuit at the beach:

Hope you've enjoyed this post! Pop over to my blog sometime and say hi!!

July 20, 2012

Guest post: Insomnia

Hello, my name is Sabina from the blog called INSOMNIA and I'm a redhead addict!
So when Siel asked me to do a guest post I immediately knew that it should be a tribute to those sun kissed girls all over the world! Since an early age I was fascinated by girls with red hair. No idea how it started, but I always dreamed of having red hair. Redheads have a unique beauty to them, which is almost surreal. Unfortunately real redheads are rare to come by. 
Throughout history redheads were described as people with a fierce temperament and from my knowledge it must be true. They were often feared by different cultures, red hair is bound by superstitious believes. Such as redheads being vampires, witches or kissed by hell fire. To me they're just incredibly beautiful and mysterious. Who knows, maybe I was a redhead in a past life or Cleopatra or a snail, we'll never know!
Anyhow, here's a tribute to redheads. Real or not, they are all beautiful!

And of course let's not forget about the owner of the blog too! I'm absolutely in love with her hair and her look! 

July 18, 2012

See ya!

Image from here
I'm off to Turkey! I hope you'll visit my blog sometimes while I'm away as I have some awesome guest posts lined up for you all! I'll be back August 5 :)

July 17, 2012


My birthday is already five days ago, but I haven't had time yet to blog about it! I had a great time, getting together with my family and friends to celebrate. Today is actually the first day I can relax a bit, I've been so busy these days! I must warn you, this post is very photo heavy, haha. 
First: On Wednesday we went to my boyfriend's dad's to celebrate his birthday! Lovely evening with lots of food that I always forget to take pictures of (bad blogger) Must work on that :D

Love this piece of art, it's by Marc Lagrange.

Playing around!

Yes, I managed to get one picture of the food. The best part though: dessert!
The next day was my birthday of course! I was surprised with apple cake and eclairs for breakfast <3 Of course I forgot to take a picture. Around noon, we drove home and stopped halfway to eat pizza at a road restaurant , so classy! :D In the evening I invited some friends over for tapas! I made tortilla, patatas bravas, falafel with Lebanese bread and tomato salad, calamares, zucchini fritters, avocado fries with dip sauce and some other things I can't remember! You can just click on it to find the recipe and a picture since I, of course, forgot to take pictures of the food :D Except for the falafel my boyfriend made:

They were falling apart a bit, but they tasted amazing! 
I didn't take many photos that evening, mainly because I had to cook and didn't have time!

On Saturday we invited some family (yes, also for my birthday! I love dinner parties) and as I didn't get any photos of my outfit on my birthday itself, I decided to wear the exact same thing and dragged my sister outside to take pictures:

Matching shoes! <3

My boyfriend gave me this watch for my birthday! 

Some more pictures of the evening:

Doing what I do best! :D

Making goat cheese croissants! Best appetizer ever, I could eat this every day <3

Sister love :)

Just had to include this one :D
And that's about it! I'm glad to be able to say I'm 20 years old now, sounds so much better than 19 :D 
So, I'm packing my bags at the moment as I'm leaving for Turkey on Thursday! Don't worry, I have some awesome guest bloggers who are filling in for me so stay tuned. I hope I will find some time to blog tomorrow evening before I leave, we'll see about that. My boyfriend was so sweet to borrow me his iPad so we can skype each other sometimes and I can update on how my trip is going! I'm on instagram now (@ mademoisielle) so you can follow me there while I'm away. Now if you'll excuse me, I really must try to get those 15 dresses and 10 pairs of shoes into my suitcase...