June 10, 2012

Weekly favourites #3

I should really think of another name for this feature, as I'm only doing this every two weeks from now on! Any suggestions?
Lots of inspiring links this week, but it's impossible to include all of them! Here's a selection of my favourites:

Sian from Rebel Angel proves that you can perfectly wear lingerie as outerwear, and doesn't she look gorgeous? 

A recently discovered blog: Fashionvibe! I'm in love with this outfit: the mint jeans, the heels, amazing jacket (I'm paying a visit to Zara tomorrow in search for this baby) and a pair of pretty sunglasses on top of it <3

I'm really looking forward to my holiday to Turkey next month, and I found this picture of Istanbul on this tumblr, amongst other amazing travel photos. Beware: it's highly addictive!

I've never been a fan of the wedge sneakers that are all over the blogosphere, but I must say Paulien (left picture) can definitely pull them off! Love the other girl's outfit too, simple but stylish! (via the Sartorialist)

Jo from Lost in the Haze shares you her favourite beauty recipe: a strawberry face mask!

A boyfriend jeans has been on my wishlist for quite some time, but I haven't found what I wanted yet! In the meantime, I get inspiration from Elien (Dogs & Dresses) & Betty (Le Blog de Betty), two different combinations that I both like very much.

And to conclude: Charlotte from Girl Next Door Fashion has arrived on her amazing summer job in New Jersey, and despite a not so great start I'm sure she'll have the time of her life! Follow her adventures here

I'm off to bed, having my first exam tomorrow! Wish me luck & good night!