June 3, 2012

Student life

What my life looks like lately:
1. My desk pre & post-war!
2. Study material pt. 1
3. Homemade salad (tomato, mushroom, pine nuts & apple) and fresh fruit salad <3
4. Everything seems so interesting when you're studying, even your feet! And I'm wearing my All Stars btw, haven't worn them in years!
5. Study material pt. 2
6. More food porn: I love red fruits!
7. We've had amazing weather last week, so sunglasses and lots of water were required!
8. Homemade smoothies! Nomnomnom
9. Small reward for my hard labour (should I buy the shoes?? I love them!)
10. Hopefully all of this will help to get THIS into my head. Sigh.

Hope your weekend was more entertaining than mine!
PS: I'll probably do the weekly favourites post every other week as it seems a little much to do every week!