June 20, 2012

Vintage camera

Do you remember I told you about the awesome vintage camera my boyfriend gave me for our first anniversary? Well, I promised you to show my precious soon, but forgot all about it. Until today, when I took it out for its first spin and took a few pictures with it! Can't wait to see the results, I'm pretty sure they'll turn out better than my normal camera. Not I'm such a vintage and retro freak (I totally am) but just because you can't beat good old mechanics, yo :D 

What I'm wearing:
shorts, tank top: H&M
blazer: Stradivarius
shoes: New Look

Just a casual outfit for spending my day... studying. Yes, I'm still doing that thing where I try to memorize a whole bunch of Arabic words and wonder why on earth I chose to study such a difficult language. And why I didn't study more during the year :D At least there's one light in this never ending darkness: my boyfriend is here again <3 How I've missed our evening talks, random teasing and cuddles! I don't know how people survive long distance relationships where they don't see each other for months (and not only sexually, haha :D) I'm getting cranky when I don't see my boyfriend for a week! /END cheesiness

Kiss for my boyfriend! And for you guys, because you're always so sweet <3 OK I'll stop the emotional overflow now. Have a lovely night!