June 6, 2012


I told you I was going to steal my sister's jacket! I wanted something to add some colour to my casual study outfit, along with my favourite shoes. And as I actually wanted to buy this jacket for myself first but then changed my mind because she looked amazing in it, it is partly mine! :D

Do you like my new tattoo? Haha kidding, I just drew it myself :D I must say, spending 8 hours a day behind your desk really boosts your creativity! My concentration is less than zero these days, I get distracted by literally EVERYTHING. I'm the worst student ever! God knows how I already passed 3 exam periods with only one failed exam. (shhht!)
Oh, and is this hair donut the best invention ever or what? It gives you a glamourous look AND it keeps your hair out of the way while studying: Double win!

Jeans: H&M (from when I was 14 or something, can you believe?)
Jacket: stolen borrowed from my sis! (similar here)
T-shirt: Zara
Shoes: Zara (similar here)
Good luck to all of those who have exams too! I have my first on Monday, brrr.