June 22, 2012

Friday Favourites #4: Mad Men edition

Will I ever stop talking about how much I love Mad Men? Probably not. Most of you are already familiar with this epic series, but if you're not: 1) SHAME ON YOU and 2) Go watch it immediately! Everyone who is slightly interested in everything retro and vintage will love this. And if you just like reading or looking at pretty pictures, here are some Mad Men inspired links that will satisfy your 60s retro desire!

Photo found on this lovely blog (it's in Dutch, sorry English readers!)

How can we resist Megan <3 I love Annebeth's take on her Zou Bisou dress:

Although she said she's moving away a bit from the typical retro style, she still wears some awesome retro-ish lingerie. How can you not love this woman?

No sixties make-up without some eyeliner! Blake Lively knows how to rock the look (image from here):

(Image found here)

Not typically Mad Men but still a lovely retro look, from Le Dressing de Leeloo:
This woman's hair, sunglasses & lipstick are to die for:
(Image from here)
Heaven for every Mad Men lover: Tom and Lorenzo's analysis of every episode AND outfit the characters are wearing! Seriously addictive site.

And if you don't want to end up like poor Betty, here are 100 healthy snack ideas!

Enjoy your weekend!
PS: If you still can't get enough of this, check out my pinterest board Mad Men here and vintage style here