June 13, 2012

Denim & dots

One of the things I've been searching for so long but still haven't found: a denim shirt! I found this shirt in my sister's closet (again), but it's still not the perfect denim shirt, it's too long and you can't button it up completely. So the quest continues!

Ah, these shoes... they are probably the oldest shoes in my closet, dating back to when I still wore jeans and an tee everyday! How the times have changed... But I always kept my them in the back of my closet, knowing that they'd come out handy someday. I love heels and I love the elegance and sexiness of a pencil skirt with high heels, but sometimes you just don't want to risk twisting your ankle on the cobblestones, do you? I' probably have to say All Stars are 'comfy', but as I hate that word with a fiery passion, I'd say they're 'easy' :D

What I'm wearing:
Denim shirt: JBC
Skirt: H&M (similar here)
All Stars: Converse

Yes, I wear fake glasses because I secretly hope they make me smarter. No such luck though: I have my second exam the day after tomorrow and I still need to memorize half of my book. So I'm sorry for not being very talkative today, I promise I'll be back with another outfit in a few days!