May 11, 2012

Time is flying by

I can't believe we're almost half May already - only one month before my exams start, eek! But let's not think too much about that stressful period, I'm still enjoying myself as much as I can these days. What I've been doing lately:
1. Cooking! Vegetarian goulash - Thai vegetable & tofu curry
2. More food! Wokked veggies and couscous - Grapes and tea, my favourite healthy snack
3. The obligatory studying: good subject for photography!
4. Uhm, do I ever do something else than eating? Probably not. Greek pasta & blood orange sorbet <3
5. Daily view from my window lately, horrible weather for the pretty red suede shoes my boyfriend bought!
6. Treating myself: A new wallet, pretty nail polish and some jewellery! (More on the way - I'm getting addicted to chunky rings!)

Have a fabulous weekend!