May 30, 2012

Study mode

I'm not really pleased with today's pictures. Sorry sis who did the effort of taking them, haha! I just don't like myself on them. Happens to everyone sometimes, no? Also, I had to crop most of the photos which resulted in slightly blurry pics :( Oh well, that's what exams do to a person: get their confidence down! Although I did like my headscarf today. When I'm studying, every single hair has to be pinned back, so instead of using the usual amount of bobby pins (about 20 or something) I pulled one of my vintage scarves out of the closet. I wanted something different than the last two times I wore it (here and here) so I created a sort of headband with a knot! Haha not that exciting but I tell ya, the most exciting part of my day is food or doing something creative with my hair :D or my nails:

Yeah, instead of studying I paint my nails every colour of the rainbow. Because I'm secretly a 10 year old.
Actually I created this combination with this outfit of Kerry from Yours Truly in mind:

Of course mine lacks the natural elegance of this pretty lady but as soon as I saw this dress in store I pictured it with a red-coloured turban! 

Wearing: Pull&Bear dress + shoes, vintage scarf, eBay ring
This is also the first time these shoes appear on the blog btw! I bought them in the January sales for about 15 euros because I was looking for a pair of mustard yellow heels. Turns out they're more of a dark yellow, slightly tan colour... Oh well, the search goes on! I'll just always regret not buying the yellow variant of my beloved green Zara heels :(

I should really go to bed now, getting up early tomorrow to catch up on my studying! Such fun :( I'm still wearing clothes these days, so you can expect more outfit posts soon! 
PS: My sister tried to steal my pose!
Haha she's so cute! (she hates it when I say that on my blog) I also really love her military style jacket, I actually picked it out for her, so that gives me the right to steal it from time to time, no?