May 23, 2012

New Look press day!

Yesterday I was invited to the New Look pressday in Brussels, where we could have a look at the Autumn/Winter collection 12-13. It felt a bit weird looking at those wool and leather coats and boots on a beautiful sunny day, but I have to say the collection was amazing! Normally when I go shopping at New Look, it's either a hit or miss: Some pieces really aren't my cup of tea. BUT this collection was different: I want everything! Have a look:

Hannah checking out the pretty dresses!

 Lots of studs and glitter this winter! Almost every pair of shoes is on my wishlist.

New Look has jumped on the wedge sneaker-wagon too! I still don't really like them, but some people can really get away with it.

Stole these photos from Hannah :)

Not only the shoes and accessoires have stolen my heart, but also this amazing location (Tenbosch House):

The best part of the day though was meeting other bloggers!

And food! So good <3

We actually stayed there for about 4 hours, socializing with Hannah, Anouk, Shanah, Laetitia and the lovely PR ladies from the New Look agency in London! 

Blogger friends! 
Thank you Tan-dem PR for this amazing oportunity! I had so much fun and I'm really looking forward to the arrival of this collection in stores. Although I'd like to enjoy the summer first too ;)