May 30, 2012

Study mode

I'm not really pleased with today's pictures. Sorry sis who did the effort of taking them, haha! I just don't like myself on them. Happens to everyone sometimes, no? Also, I had to crop most of the photos which resulted in slightly blurry pics :( Oh well, that's what exams do to a person: get their confidence down! Although I did like my headscarf today. When I'm studying, every single hair has to be pinned back, so instead of using the usual amount of bobby pins (about 20 or something) I pulled one of my vintage scarves out of the closet. I wanted something different than the last two times I wore it (here and here) so I created a sort of headband with a knot! Haha not that exciting but I tell ya, the most exciting part of my day is food or doing something creative with my hair :D or my nails:

Yeah, instead of studying I paint my nails every colour of the rainbow. Because I'm secretly a 10 year old.
Actually I created this combination with this outfit of Kerry from Yours Truly in mind:

Of course mine lacks the natural elegance of this pretty lady but as soon as I saw this dress in store I pictured it with a red-coloured turban! 

Wearing: Pull&Bear dress + shoes, vintage scarf, eBay ring
This is also the first time these shoes appear on the blog btw! I bought them in the January sales for about 15 euros because I was looking for a pair of mustard yellow heels. Turns out they're more of a dark yellow, slightly tan colour... Oh well, the search goes on! I'll just always regret not buying the yellow variant of my beloved green Zara heels :(

I should really go to bed now, getting up early tomorrow to catch up on my studying! Such fun :( I'm still wearing clothes these days, so you can expect more outfit posts soon! 
PS: My sister tried to steal my pose!
Haha she's so cute! (she hates it when I say that on my blog) I also really love her military style jacket, I actually picked it out for her, so that gives me the right to steal it from time to time, no?

May 26, 2012

Weekly Favourites #2

God, is this week already over? Hope these next two weeks won't pass so quickly, my first exam is coming way too close! I'm spending my days behind my desk, trying to memorize a LOT of Arabic translations. The amazing weather isn't helping either! But enough complaining, here are my favourite links of this week to help you through your study period or just to cheer you up. Enjoy!

This week I met up with Hannah for the first time and we immediately got along very well! I hope I see her again soon because I had a lovely time. Check out her report of the New Look press day here!

Audrey from Frassy walking around Paris in a tutu: no further explanation needed <3
This recipe from Annebeth (Styling Dutchman) made me drool! Definitely making this soon:
Found this picture via pinterest and fell in love immediately! Check out this girl's blog too, she writes in Danish but the photos speak for themselves.
Gorgeous 60s inspired photo shoot, from here:
Another lovely photo shoot, by Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage:
And if you're  also spending your days studying, the best part of the day of your day is probably just FOOD! Here are 7 healthy desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Enjoy your weekend darlings!

PS: If you like this kind of posts, I get a lot of inspiration via pinterest, you can follow me here!

May 23, 2012

New Look press day!

Yesterday I was invited to the New Look pressday in Brussels, where we could have a look at the Autumn/Winter collection 12-13. It felt a bit weird looking at those wool and leather coats and boots on a beautiful sunny day, but I have to say the collection was amazing! Normally when I go shopping at New Look, it's either a hit or miss: Some pieces really aren't my cup of tea. BUT this collection was different: I want everything! Have a look:

Hannah checking out the pretty dresses!

 Lots of studs and glitter this winter! Almost every pair of shoes is on my wishlist.

New Look has jumped on the wedge sneaker-wagon too! I still don't really like them, but some people can really get away with it.

Stole these photos from Hannah :)

Not only the shoes and accessoires have stolen my heart, but also this amazing location (Tenbosch House):

The best part of the day though was meeting other bloggers!

And food! So good <3

We actually stayed there for about 4 hours, socializing with Hannah, Anouk, Shanah, Laetitia and the lovely PR ladies from the New Look agency in London! 

Blogger friends! 
Thank you Tan-dem PR for this amazing oportunity! I had so much fun and I'm really looking forward to the arrival of this collection in stores. Although I'd like to enjoy the summer first too ;)

May 18, 2012

Weekly favourites #1

I spend way too much time on the internet, reading blogs and looking at pretty pictures (pinterest!), so I decided to introduce this (hopefully) weekly feature in which I'll share what I liked the past week.  Curious to this week's favourites? Here you go! 

Charlotte from Girl Next Door Fashion looking gorgeous in her swan trousers:

Renée from The Blonde Muse presents her guide to help you get ready for summer;

These loafers are very high on my wishlist right now (from Steve Madden, picture found here):

Valentine is back from her trip to New York and spoils us with amazing pictures of the city:

Fashion is a playground: a blog I discovered this week but I'm madly in love already: Great outfits and photography:

This site cracks me up. One of my favourites:
When I'm waiting for food to be delivered, and I hear my doorbell ring:

This girl (found at Topshop tumblr) for her great turban look:

And this recipe for a delicious-looking lasagne that I'll hopefully try out soon!

Have a lovely (and hopefully sunny) weekend!

May 15, 2012

Turban pt. 2

Wearing: H&M jeans & top, Stradivarius blazer, vintage scarf and gifted shoes

The weather and my hair were against me today, so I had to get my turban back out! Another colour this time, to match my red & blue outfit: I just love these colours together - that's maybe why my closet almost only consists of them, haha. How do you like my new ring? I've always admired the Arty ring by YSL, but as a student, it was way out of my reach. So I turned to eBay and found this excellent knock-off for only a few euros!  I've been really into big jewellery lately and eBay has very much fulfilled my needs. Also, I got these shoes as a birthday present almost two years  ago but hardly wear them because they're a little bit too big, but with two insoles they fit perfectly and they really match my new blazer, score! 
I also wanted to share some pictures of my boyfriend's outfit from last week, I love his new shoes and he just looked so good! (as always <)

I'm off to make spaghetti bolognaise (my all-time favourite) with some friends, enjoy your evening!