April 30, 2012

Polka dot

It's been a while since I last wore some polka dots, so here they are again in their full and totally overdosed glory! I'm really in love with this outfit, I bought this skirt and lace top a few weeks ago and was planning to wear them together, but then I saw that polka dot blouse hanging next to it in my closet and it just clicked! So happy when that happens. Also, this was the first day of Spring, which means legs, sunglasses and ice cream all the way! I hope it lasts for longer than one day. That said, it rained an hour ago, so it's probably over again. Sigh. 
These are the first outfit pictures I took all by myself, with my tripod and remote btw! I'm lucky to have this location to take pictures because a) it's pretty and b) it's quiet and there are very few people walking around! The other people was the thing I was most worried about (embarrassing!) but I just thought 'what the heck, I want to take my pictures here so don't care about other people!' A woman gave me very strange looks and a guy whistled at me, but so far so good. 

What I'm wearing: H&M skirt, shirt & sunglasses, New Look shoes & lace top. I should really explore some other shops, haha!

I got quite some pictures of me pointing the remote at the camera, "why isn't it working???-face, haha! Thank God nobody saw me while I was taking this photo though:

More soon!