April 18, 2012

On a rainy day

Just when you thought spring kicked in, it started raining again. It's not a secret that I'm very jealous of all those bloggers who can go out bare-legged and without jacket or umbrella. The past week hasn't been the greatest: bad weather (obviously), lots of schoolwork, bad hairdays and an eye infection, so that's why I didn't blog for a week. But I'm back! Still with bad hair though, but I found a solution for that:

I've been loving the turban for a while, but I don't wear it that often because people tend to give me strange looks. But today was a kind of shitty day so I didn't care! Fashion is fun, and I seem to care less and less about what other people think. Is that a good thing?

Wearing: Only shirt, Pull&Bear trousers,  Zara boots, H&M coat, bag from Morocco and vintage scarf

I dragged my poor boyfriend out in the rain to take these pictures, so thanks love! Tomorrow is our one year anniversary so I'll probably post some cheesy pictures of us together :D Oh, and I'll also cook for him, domestic goddess ftw! He gave me an awesome present btw, I'll show you tomorrow!