April 25, 2012

Keep you right

It took me a really long time to come up with a post title that didn't had anything to do with RAIN. Seriously, when is this going to stop? Whenever I look outside my window and see it has stopped raining, I get ready to go outside, and the second I put one foot outside it starts all over. It is an excellent method to stop going out to shop though! Not that I really need anything (except for these and these. Because the best shoes for rainy weather are suede peeptoes. YES) but I need to go outside from time to time or I get depressive.

Wearing Pull&Bear dress, Topshop trench,  New Look shoes (that need replacement as soon as possible!)

My life is just a series of bad hair days lately. Partly because of the rain but also because my bangs are getting too long but I'm going to grow them back out (yeah, that lasted long, didn't it??? I just want my long locks back!) so awkward hair is assured for the next months! I should've just bought some fake bangs like Annebeth :( Now my bangs are still short enough to wear like on these pictures, but in a month or so the awkward phase of 'too long to hang loosely but too short to tuck behind my ears' will start. Yay!

Also, these are the only pictures that didn't have me blurry and the background focused. So you'd think having my boyfriend taking my pictures would help reduce the blurriness? Nope, not helping. At least we have fun during these photoshoots! He always wants to be "artistic", while I'm already happy when I have a few decent shots of my entire outfit!

Keeping warm & dry: mission failed.
PS: the title of this post is this song