April 6, 2012

It's all in the details!

Yeah, I'm home alone and too lazy to set up a whole construction that should work as a tripod (don't have one yet) so I'm just going to show you some details from my outfit and surroundings! Our hedge at the side of the street is still quite see-through, so a lot of cars slowed down to see what I was doing, taking pictures of myself in my garden. Guess they've never heard of 'fashion blogging'! And on my run this morning I got even more strange looks, and the garbage men whistled at me! I wasn't even looking good or something, all red-faced and sweaty :D Get over it, people. 

Some of the beautiful flowers in our garden:

And to end: two great blogs I discovered lately: La Fille de Joujouelle for her retro style and vintage decoration posts, and Frassy for general faboulousness. Also, she makes me want to grow my bangs out immediately. Have a lovely Easter weekend!