April 9, 2012


Hi guys! Did you have a lovely Easter weekend? I spent Easter Sunday with my boyfriend's family and lots of food, and I was finally able to wear my new dress I bought with a Zara voucher I got for Christmas:

Ha! You thought you'd actually see the dress? Too bad, it was way too cold for short-sleeved and open back dresses! Although I did go outside bare-legged to walk the dog around the block. Please excuse my closed eyes and the slightly blurry pictures: I begged my boyfriend to take my pictures, but with an enthousiastic dog on a leash it's quite difficult! 

 I obliged myself to wear more heels again, so here's pair N°2 saved in the Shoe Challenge: my simple black heels from New Look:

Anyway, enough blurry pictures of me, time for some cute kids overload! My boyfriend has a very big steph-family with lots of photogenic cuties:

My boyfriend should really get a shave... although I kinda like the 'rough' look. Roar! :D

Best thing about Easter: chocolate! Note to self: start exercising again...
How did you spend your weekend? 

PS: I'll show you the dress properly another time! We've gone back to autumn weather today :(