April 30, 2012

Polka dot

It's been a while since I last wore some polka dots, so here they are again in their full and totally overdosed glory! I'm really in love with this outfit, I bought this skirt and lace top a few weeks ago and was planning to wear them together, but then I saw that polka dot blouse hanging next to it in my closet and it just clicked! So happy when that happens. Also, this was the first day of Spring, which means legs, sunglasses and ice cream all the way! I hope it lasts for longer than one day. That said, it rained an hour ago, so it's probably over again. Sigh. 
These are the first outfit pictures I took all by myself, with my tripod and remote btw! I'm lucky to have this location to take pictures because a) it's pretty and b) it's quiet and there are very few people walking around! The other people was the thing I was most worried about (embarrassing!) but I just thought 'what the heck, I want to take my pictures here so don't care about other people!' A woman gave me very strange looks and a guy whistled at me, but so far so good. 

What I'm wearing: H&M skirt, shirt & sunglasses, New Look shoes & lace top. I should really explore some other shops, haha!

I got quite some pictures of me pointing the remote at the camera, "why isn't it working???-face, haha! Thank God nobody saw me while I was taking this photo though:

More soon!

April 28, 2012

Blogger love

It's been a while since I last spread some blogger love. After all, other blogs is where I get most of my inspiration from! So here you go, 3 blogs you should definitely keep an eye on.

A recent discovery, but I already browsed through her archives like a crazy person. Why? 
For her awesome combinations:

For her amazing long hair that made me miss my long hair so much:

And because she inspires me to be more creative with fashion! Check her out here.

For her awesome inspiration posts (for example here):

For her girly outfits with a twist (that she should definitely show more!)

And for her weekly 'Sequins and Sparkles' posts, in which she shares parts of her life in addition to awesome links: 
Go send this supersweet girl some love here

Last but not least:
A blog that combines two completely different themes as fashion and politics? Yes, it's possible, and it looks awesome! Check out Hanna's blog for her cute outfits:
Her very useful shopping route posts (Brussels here and Leuven here);

And her political posts that are a total must-read for people who like to stay up-to-date with the news but like to do it in a fun way! Here and here. Mind you, she writes in Dutch so maybe a little tricky for international readers but go check her out anyway!

Hope you like this kind of posts! Which one is your favourite?

April 25, 2012

Keep you right

It took me a really long time to come up with a post title that didn't had anything to do with RAIN. Seriously, when is this going to stop? Whenever I look outside my window and see it has stopped raining, I get ready to go outside, and the second I put one foot outside it starts all over. It is an excellent method to stop going out to shop though! Not that I really need anything (except for these and these. Because the best shoes for rainy weather are suede peeptoes. YES) but I need to go outside from time to time or I get depressive.

Wearing Pull&Bear dress, Topshop trench,  New Look shoes (that need replacement as soon as possible!)

My life is just a series of bad hair days lately. Partly because of the rain but also because my bangs are getting too long but I'm going to grow them back out (yeah, that lasted long, didn't it??? I just want my long locks back!) so awkward hair is assured for the next months! I should've just bought some fake bangs like Annebeth :( Now my bangs are still short enough to wear like on these pictures, but in a month or so the awkward phase of 'too long to hang loosely but too short to tuck behind my ears' will start. Yay!

Also, these are the only pictures that didn't have me blurry and the background focused. So you'd think having my boyfriend taking my pictures would help reduce the blurriness? Nope, not helping. At least we have fun during these photoshoots! He always wants to be "artistic", while I'm already happy when I have a few decent shots of my entire outfit!

Keeping warm & dry: mission failed.
PS: the title of this post is this song

April 21, 2012

Redder than red

I love my natural red hair colour, but lately it started to look a little faded, not totally red anymore. So I finally decided to use that henna I bought a few months ago in the exotic supermarket:

There were several shades available, I got the 'burning red' variant for natural redheads, but if you're brown-haired for example you can use a darker shade, so that your hair has an auburn or red-ish shine. 
What you need:

Gloves! Very important unless you want your hands to turn out orange. Of course henna can be used on the body too (like this) but I didn't want to walk around with yellow/orange hands for weeks! I did spill a little henna on my arm and feet so there's a little orange spot but luckily not too noticeable.

This is what the henna looks like:

It's green! I expected it to be brown or orange-ish actually. Just pour the henna in a bowl, add hot water and mix it until you get a sort of green-brown mud. Attractive!
I didn't take any more pictures from this point on, because my hands were covered in mud and so was the bathroom, haha :)
Quick before-picture:

Once you've covered all your hair with the henna mud, put on a shower cap or anything that will prevent you or your house being covered in mud too. 

So attractive.

The manual said to leave it in for half an hour for a light colour and one hours tops for intense colouring, but I didn't want to risk my hair turning orange, so I left it on for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, you can check your blog or do other higly important stuff:

(I didn't actually paint my nails, though: I kept checking in the mirror if I wasn't getting any henna on my forehead or something.)

Anyway, after half an hour, I took a shower, rinced the henna out and washed it like I normally do. This is how it looked when I got out of the shower:

Looks promising, no? Also, yes: this is me without any make-up, yay!
After blow-drying my hair, it looked like this:

Is it red or what?! I'm so glad it's not orange, it's redder than before but still quite natural, no?
Of course I had to wear green, THE colour for redheads:

I'm in love!

If you're interested in colouring your hair with henna, I made a list of pros and cons:
- It's cheap: I paid about 1.50 euros for my package,
- You can do it at home: no need to go to the hairdresser's!
- It's a natural product, so your hair won't be damaged,
- It's temporary: the colour fades so if it turned out too red, after a few weeks it will have toned down.

- It's quite a hassle: my bathtub was covered with mud splashes, same for my face, ears, hands, arms and feet. If you don't wash it off quickly you turn orange!
- The smell: at first I was put off by the strong and quite weird smell, but you don't smell it anymore when you have washed your hair, so that's not really a con.

Hope you liked this sort of DIY tutorial! 

PS: Just found out there is a song called 'Redder than red', haha! Listen here

April 20, 2012

One year

Yesterday my boyfriend and I celebrated our first year together! Can't believe how fast it has gone... Seems like yesterday when we went on our first date <3
I prepared us a delicious dinner (if I may say) and we had a lovely evening! I told you in my last post there would be cheesy pictures of us, so don't say I didn't warn you :)

So good <3

Romantic or what?

Love this pic!

Of course I had to wear a pretty dress.

And I saved the best part for last: the awesome vintage camera my boyfriend gave me!

It came with several lenses, filters and a tripod! I couldn't believe my eyes! Thanks so much sweetie! <3

Have a good weekend!

April 18, 2012

On a rainy day

Just when you thought spring kicked in, it started raining again. It's not a secret that I'm very jealous of all those bloggers who can go out bare-legged and without jacket or umbrella. The past week hasn't been the greatest: bad weather (obviously), lots of schoolwork, bad hairdays and an eye infection, so that's why I didn't blog for a week. But I'm back! Still with bad hair though, but I found a solution for that:

I've been loving the turban for a while, but I don't wear it that often because people tend to give me strange looks. But today was a kind of shitty day so I didn't care! Fashion is fun, and I seem to care less and less about what other people think. Is that a good thing?

Wearing: Only shirt, Pull&Bear trousers,  Zara boots, H&M coat, bag from Morocco and vintage scarf

I dragged my poor boyfriend out in the rain to take these pictures, so thanks love! Tomorrow is our one year anniversary so I'll probably post some cheesy pictures of us together :D Oh, and I'll also cook for him, domestic goddess ftw! He gave me an awesome present btw, I'll show you tomorrow!