March 19, 2012

Recipe: Quick potato & peas curry

We all have those days we have so little time for cooking or anything else besides schoolwork (as I'm having at the moment). On these days you need something easy and quick, like this delicious potato and peas curry! It takes only half an hour or something to prepare and it tastes amazing. I used this recipe as the base but added some ingredients. Don't ask me about measurements: I always guess how much I need of everything! Depends on how hungry you are ;)

What you need (4 persons):
- potatoes 
- 1 can of coconut milk (about 400 ml I think?)
- frozen peas (I had to use canned peas because our deep freezer doesn't work, boo!)
- curry powder (at least 3 tablespoons, but as I said: taste and add if you like!)
- ginger powder (1 teaspoon)
- garlic powder (1 teaspoon)
- salt if needed
- I added 2 green peppers and an onion too, the more vegetables, the merrier!
- coconut oil (I used sunflower oil instead)

How to prepare:
1. Cut the potatoes in small pieces:

2. Add the potatoes to a pan and sauté in coconut/sunflower oil for about 15 minutes, until they get a bit of colour and are starting to soft a little.

3. Add the coconut milk. 

4. Reduce the heat a little and let the potatoes cook. 
Meanwhile, take silly pictures of friends (not necessary):

5. Add the spices, stir and taste if it needs more.

6. Let the sauce simmer and thicken for about 20-25 minutes on medium heat. 
Don't stop taking silly pictures in the meantime!

6. When the potatoes have softenend, add the peas. (If you add green peppers or onion you  should add them after the spices or something) 

7. Add salt if necessary, and cook until the peas are warmed.

8. Bon appetit!
(Sorry for the bad lighting)
Hope you like it! Let me know when you make your own version :)

I'll be sharing some other vegetarian recipes soon! And some outfit posts, it's been so long but I've been so busy with schoolwork and going to the gym :(